Where performance meets flexibility

Optical systems/accessories, electrochemistry solutions, electrical sample characterization, environmental control options, software modules, temperature control, acoustic and vibration isolation solutions and more. JPK provides you with the right accessories to control your sample conditions and to perform successful experiments.


PetriDishHeater™ for BioMAT

Shuttle stage with integrated Petri dish heater.


The perfect solution for smallest volume experiments in a hermetically sealed environment, two versions available for volumes <150µl and <60µl.

Vibration isolation systems

from Accurion, Table Stable and TMC

JPK Acoustic Enclosure

Approved for high performance applications: acoustic hood from JPK for utmost stability and isolation, with temperature control option.

JPK base for acoustic enclosure

Approved for high performance applications: base frame with top plate from JPK for utmost stability.

TopViewOptics™ with flexible stand

The optical system for non transparent samples or substrates such as HOPG, mica, ceramics, implants etc. Can be used in combination with inverted microscopes.

TopViewOptics™ for use with inverted optical microscopes

The optical system for use with inverted optical microscopes or the JPK BioMAT™.