Highest performance meets utmost flexibility

Today’s research topics in nanoscience are complex. Therefore a highly flexible AFM system is the first choice. With the new NanoWizard® 4 AFM you are well prepared for any future research project. The system comes with a wide range of modes and accessories for environmental control, mapping of nanomechanical, electrical, magnetic or thermal properties and seamless integration with advanced optical techniques. As a result of JPK‘s leading tip-scanner technology and our consistent modular design philosophy, the NanoWizard® 4 is the most flexible system available on the market today.

The image shows atomic lattice resolution on calcite (click on the image for details).

Fast scanning capabilities for increased productivity - observe sample dynamics in real-time

PHB/V spherulite crystallization (click on the image for details)

The NanoWizard® 4 NanoScience AFM combines closed-loop atomic resolution with fast scanning capabilities of up to 3 sec/image in a system and comes with a large scan range of 100µm in XY. It has the lowest noise levels of a closed-loop scanner and deflection detection system. The powerful digital Vortis™ controller combines fast signal handling with lowest noise.

  • Enhance productivity, probe more sample areas in same time
  • Do a quick survey over your sample
  • Observe changes following sample dynamics in real time
  • Perform time lapse studies on polymers, thin films, advanced materials, capsules and others

Quantitative characterization of mechanical properties

As an expert in force measurements, JPK provides a complete set of methods to characterize mechanical properties. We have the right solution, in particular for very soft or delicate samples or for samples under an external load. JPK's QI™ mode, with its linear Z-movement and a full set of quantitative data in every pixel, allows the extraction of quantitative data such as elasticity, adhesion, dissipation, chemical forces or conductivity. The automated large Z-adjustment has been developed for swelling samples or with a rough topography. The enhanced data analysis capabilities - in particular for modulus calculation with a variety of selectable models - is of great benefit.

The NanoWizard® AFM head on JPK's new StretchingStage for studying sample changes under external mechanical tension.

Full set of nanomechanics modes

  • QI™ Advanced mode with Contact Point Imaging (CPI)
  • Sample properties change under external mechanical tension with the new StretchingStage
  • Contact resonance imaging mode
  • Higher harmonics with AM, PM and FM
  • MicroRheology
  • Force modulation
  • Friction force microscopy
  • Fast force mapping
  • Single molecule force spectroscopy with ramp & clamp
  • Colloidal probe
  • Nanoindentation
  • Nanomanipulation

Enhanced mapping of material properties

KPM on SRAM EFM on SRAM CAFM on CU conduct layer The characterization of electrical, electromechanical or magnetic sample properties was always a difficult task, in particular on loosely attached, brittle or soft samples. JPK's enhanced QI™-Advanced mode capabilities now make this easy and straight forward. The new system comes with a new Conductive AFM and Kelvin Probe (KPM) module with an enclosed volume which provides a controlled gas environment for the sample. An to round it all off, the NanoWizard® 4 system comes with enhanced STM, Piezo-Response (PFM), Scanning-Thermal AFM and electrochemistry options.

KPM on SRAM, EFM on SRAM and CAFM on CU conduct layer (click on the images for details).

Highest Flexibility and Modularity of any AFM system

Characterization of material properties

  • Mechanical properties (elasticity, stiffness, adhesion, deformation)
  • Electrical properties with Electrical Force Microscopy, Conductive-AFM, Kelvin Probe AFM (KPM), Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)
  • Magnetic properties with MFM
  • Electro-optical properties with photo-conductive AFM
  • Local thermal properties by scanning thermal AFM

Height and MFM image of NiFe rectangular magnetic structure (click on the image for details).

In-Situ AFM while applying external loads to change sample properties

  • Piezo-Response Microscopy with high Voltages (PFM)
  • Observe samples under external load with the stretching stage
  • Apply external magnetic fields
  • Electro-chemistry and scanning electrochemistry (SECM)

Plastic film before and after stretching (click on the image for details).

Sample environmental control options

Crystalline polyethylene measured with the CryoStage at -120°C (click on the image for details).

  • Sample heating from ambient to 300°C
  • Sample cooling from ambient to – 35°C
  • Cryo-AFM down to – 150°C with the new CryoStage
  • Defined sample humidity
  • Perfect for experiments in fluids even harsh fluids
  • Experiments with controlled gas flow
  • Experiments in demanding environments in a glove box

Optical integration

  • Inverted optical microscope integration
  • Side-view of the sample with high resolution
  • Upright optical microscope integration with the Upright Fluorescence Microscope (UFM) Kit [1] or the BioMAT™ Workstation [2]
  • Fluorescence and confocal integration
  • Optical Superresolution combination (STED, TIRF, PALM/STORM)
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy techniques (FLIM, FRET, FCS, FRAP ...)
  • Raman experiments, even TERS
  • Near field optical experiments

Key Features

Setup Image Nano Wizard 4 Nano Science
  • Fast scanning of up to 100 lines/sec and time per frame up to 3s for tracking dynamic processes
  • Atomic lattice resolution on inverted microscopes with a large scan field of 100×100×15 µm3
  • Outstanding high-resolution quantitative imaging made easy by QI™ Mode, for the most challenging of AFM samples
  • Industry-leading technology intergrating optical microscopy in real time
  • Unique solutions for the characterization of mechanical and electrical sample properties
  • Widest range of modes and accessories of any AFM

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